Asset marking services

Are you sure for the safety and registration of your company assets?

  • Reliable protection against theft and burglary with asset marking solution.

  • Preventive use of asset marking as a service against theft and product piracy.

  • Each marked asset is recorded in a data base.

Asset marking

Strategy: preventive measures against theft

  • The primary objective for the asset marking is crime prevention and asset registration.

  • Unfortunately the theft attempts are difficult to predict and therefore it is not possible to eliminate them previously, however the marked assets provide noticeably higher chance that the stolen assets will be identifyed and returned to the real owners.

  • Asset marking provides the opportunity to identify and return stolen assets (products, technological equipment, cars, spare parts of cars, jewelry etc.) back to its real owner, thereby the marked assets are not attractive to the potential thefts.

  • The police get a free access to our asset database.

Our Security Solutions can be applied preventatively in the following areas:

  • Rental Apartments and Condominiums

  • Industry and Industrial Facilities

  • Administration and Government Authorities

  • Daycares and Schools

  • Agriculture

  • Casinos

  • Solar Systems

  • Businesses

  • Gas Stations

  • Auto Parts and Bicycles

Objective – crime prevention!

“Let us together take care about your asset safety & security and promote more operative crime detection!”

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